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Art Brought to Life, Katy O’ Ferrell’s

as written for iluvlocalplaces Dec 2013

Mark Dirnberger of the Bella Italia is embarking on a journey to resuscitate a Cape Girardeau icon. The Royal N’Orleans standing at 300 Broadway was erected in 1868. During its time it has housed many things, first being a German Social Club, then an Opera House and Masonic Lodge, a Newspaper office and even a laundry service.  Over the years the building has become a grand restaurant.

If you have never been inside the building, there is only one word that can be used to describe it: stunning.  It is the kind of intense architecture and decor that you can’t soak in during one visit.  There are archways, ornate rails, lamp posts, chandeliers and seating that is sectioned off for an intimate feel.  It is easy to see why the N’Orleans was the place to be in its heyday.

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What’s in the Bucket??

My champagne bucket is now holding more than my favorite beverage… it is holding your opportunity to FREE CONTENT!

On the 20th of every month, I will draw a card from the champagne bucket. The winner will receive a free piece of written content up to 250 words.  This is the perfect length to update an “about me” page, create a story about a service, or for that blog you promised yourself you would write every week.

To enter, drop a business card by my office in Codefi or submit your business card info here.

*Open to all US based businesses, nonprofits & government entities
monthly drawings held April-June
max two entries per month
winners must respond within 24 hours of notification
winners to be announced on News page