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The “About Me” Section of Your Website Probably Needs Help.

If you are like most people, you probably dislike writing your “About Me” or Bio on your website or marketing materials.

When I met Bryan of, he was no exception to the rule. He had already started building a successful business creating websites for his clients. But he and his team struggled with creating bios for his own site that were interesting to read. The bios they had in place were more like resumes, or worse yet, they were missing entirely! The primary challenge that Bryan and his team were facing was showing that although many of them are fresh out of college, they clearly have a passion and talent for website design. Their existing clients could see it, but they could not effectively communicate it on their website.

I was able to take the little bit they had, ask a few questions, and create something for each person that showcases their talent, their passion, and their background. Take a look!

If you are struggling with the “About Me” section on your website or any other content needs, contact me today. I’d love to help!