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Website Copy

Content for Attorney Websites

Sometimes you need technical content broken down into easily digestible material that does two things: a) explains the problem and b) drums up business.

Attorneys often have this need for their websites to educate the public about claims they may have. Here is an example for Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect: Continue reading “Content for Attorney Websites”

What’s in the Bucket??

My champagne bucket is now holding more than my favorite beverage… it is holding your opportunity to FREE CONTENT!

On the 20th of every month, I will draw a card from the champagne bucket. The winner will receive a free piece of written content up to 250 words.  This is the perfect length to update an “about me” page, create a story about a service, or for that blog you promised yourself you would write every week.

To enter, drop a business card by my office in Codefi or submit your business card info here.

*Open to all US based businesses, nonprofits & government entities
monthly drawings held April-June
max two entries per month
winners must respond within 24 hours of notification
winners to be announced on News page