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Need to Explain Something Complex? Try a Case Study

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to help a client tell a story about a product or a service through a case study.

The beauty of using a case study is that it packages your services or products in a way that doesn’t have the traditional sales feel. A case study allows you to tell a story about how your company can solve problems in a way that will resonate with your audience.

These work great for all types of organizations especially for those that sell services to non-profits or governments. Or, for those that have complex solutions that can be a challenge to explain in a compelling way. To top it off, they make great content for your website, social media, and newsletters!

Everybody has a story to tell – I would love to help you discover yours!
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Here is an example Case Study used to sell a product:

Executive Summary
Ivas Densen is a published fiction writer from The Netherlands. He is a methodical writer; one who spends hours creating compact stories of his ideas, outlines, and characters sketches before setting out to write a novel. With the many hours of writing preparation before the actual writing takes place, Densen finds it necessary to have the tools to do that work in a manner that is as comfortable as possible. With the ergonomic design and distraction-free capabilities of the WriteFree, he has found it to be especially beneficial to productivity and the ability to achieve flow while writing. The architecture of the WriteFree makes it possible for Densen to write when he wants, where he wants, and to feel comfortable while doing his writing.  Continue reading “Need to Explain Something Complex? Try a Case Study”